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05 December 2019 - 18 January 2020

We proudly present the work of luxembourgish photographer Eilo Elvinger (b. 1964). 

Eilo Elvinger is mainly known for her sublime wildlife and nature photographs. Travelling extensively, she did photo reports in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Oman, Mexico, Guatemala, French Guyana, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Laponia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Svalbard, Hong Kong, New Zealand. Through her travels she developed increased concerns about climate change. As a result she developed a strong interest in climate change related topics which she incorporates in her photographs. She was awared with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 2017 by the Natural History Museum of London. This exhibition focuses on abstract photographs.

Exhibition views


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