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24 October - 30 November 2019

Valerius art gallery is presenting the first solo exhibition of luxembourgish artist Alain Welter. ​Alain Welter (b. 1993) is a luxembourgish artist and illustrator with roots in graffiti. He currently lives and works in Luxembourg. 


Alain has finalized his degree in illustration design at BTK, Berlin in 2018 and has primarily attracted attention with his large Murals that cover the walls of the city of Luxembourg and abroad but also his magazine illustrations. He left a noticeable impression with his personal project "Make Koler Kooler", that commenced in 2017 and where he transformed an entire village into a pulsating urban art museum that is constantly growing. His goal with the project was to make art freely accessible to a broad public by bringing colorful street art to the surroundings, to facades, barns, shops and bridges.


With his new series of works on canvas he is broadening his horizons and facing a new artistic challenge while focusing on a new medium. Well-known for his illustrative murals, he plays on characteristic figures and typography with sublime concision  incorporating dynamic splashes and spontaneous brushstrokes, shifting more and more towards complete abstraction.


Exhibition views


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