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About Valerius Gallery
Gerard / Lou.jpg
Gallery Owner Gerard Valerius &
Gallery Director Lou Philipps

Valerius Gallery highlights artistic practices by international and national emerging and mid-career artists with a space in Luxembourg City Center. We are committed to promoting new talents and investing long-term in their careers, acting as a mentor and coach but also an equal partner in a durable relationship. We aim to adopt an open approach to exhibition making that is led by deep passion allowing for an interesting dialogue between the works, us and the public. Each exhibition is carefully curated and includes all artistic disciplines, such as sculptures, paintings, installations, photography and digital art.

Valerius gallery was founded in 2017 by owner and long-time collector Gerard Valerius.
Next to our focus in emerging international and national artists we also offer exhibitions by established names in contemporary art.

The gallery is situated in the city center of Luxembourg, at Place du Théâtre, in the ancient building of 'Keller Sports'.

The Space


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