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Johannes Daniel  & Anni Mertens

30 June - 10 September 2022

The exhibition ‘Stretch Me To The Moon’ presents new works by Johannes Daniel and Anni Mertens.

German artist
Johannes Daniel (*1987) has studied Fine Art at HGB Leipzig, Germany. Daniel’s works are painted collages that have been sensitively assembled. A correct use of perspective and a balanced composition are sometimes deliberately ignored and avoided. Fluid lines and areas of color are alternated by more tight and rigid surfaces and forms, a dreamy liquid world is merged with clear and hard shapes - a painterly sensation is formed.

Luxembourgish artist
Anni Mertens (*1995) has studied Fine Art at HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands and at LUCA School of Arts in Gent, Belgium, with a focus on ceramics and glass. Anni works with ceramics, steel, found objects and a healthy dose of humour. Her sculptural work embraces both abstraction and disfiguration, the same as precision and looseness. Once the sculptures are grouped together in various structures, they form a theatre of the absurd.



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