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30 April 2020 - 30 May 2020






We're happy to introduce our next exhibition "Sergio Sardelli | Over the Moon", a solo exhibition by luxembourg-based sculptor Sergio Sardelli. We are showing a curated selection of sculptures from the past year and half, ranging from small wall-sculptures to large-scale stand-alone sculptures. In the selection you will also find his newest works, small blue & white sculptures, on which he paints and that he started producing this year. The artist salvages discarded metal pieces and compresses, cuts and reshapes them. His Twomblyian scribbles, close to any automatic writing, give us an obvious reminder of Chinese Ming porcelain and Delft porcelain. What an antagonism between the indestructibility of metal and the fragility of porcelain, united in a sculpture. By putting a varnish on his blue felt pen drawings, Sardelli deliberately provokes the happy accident by breaking down the blue colour into its initial tones (here pink) or by cracking the paint layers. Birds, plants and other dragons seem to appear...

Sergio Sardelli is represented by Valerius Gallery since 2017. This is his first solo exhibition with the gallery. 


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