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Sculpture 2018

Sergio Sardelli (born 1961 in Gualdo Tadino, Italy).

He lives and works in Luxembourg.


The artist recovers discarded metal pieces and compresses, cuts and reshapes them. He intends to provoke a cognitive process in us through the degree of abstraction of his pieces. Recently Sardelli has started to paint on his metal sculptures. His Twomblyian scribbles, close to all automatic writing, give us an obvious reminder of Chinese Ming and Delft porcelain. What an antagonism between the indestructibility of metal and the fragility of porcelain, united in a sculpture. By wearing a varnish on his blue felt pen drawings, Sardelli deliberately provokes the happy accident by breaking down the blue colour into its initial tones (here pink in this case) or by cracking, making birds, plants and other dragons appear later...



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