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Søren Behncke

22 February until 23 March 2024

The exhibition ‘PAPFAR’ presents new works by Danish artist Søren Behncke (1967). For more than 20 years, Søren Behncke's artistic practice has been based on cardboard found in the streets. With this waste product from consumer culture, Behncke creates paintings, sculptures and installations. In Denmark, Behncke is known under the alias 'Papfar' (literally ‘cardboard dad’). Over the years, Behncke has developed his own vocabulary of shapes. He refers to his development of forms as 'Visual Mutations', which constitutes a distinct visual alphabet. Objects from other artists' studios and paintings are appropriated in his works - a door from Van Gogh's studio in Arles, a cat from Le Corbusier's studio kitchen, a lamp from Fernand Léger's Académie Moderne in Paris etc.

Søren Behncke's works are in the collections of several Danish museums, including Aros, Aarhus Art Museum, Museum Jorn, Vejle Art Museum, KØS – Museum of art in public spaces, Museum Brundlund Slot, The New Carlsberg Foundation and Danish Art Foundation.



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