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Martin Paaskesen - Tissue

Martin Paaskesen - Tissue


New Catalog on the 'Tissue' series by Martin Paaskesen.



In his newest body of work Martin Paaskesen brings forth a new support system by glueing small patches of canvas onto the surface of his works creating more sculptural paintings. By doing so he intensifies his process of preparing for a new work physically and mentally. He cuts out squares of raw canvas and glues them next to each other in a serial pattern. While playing with raw canvas, using a minimalist approach, the artist is blurring the lines between figuration and abstraction.



Author(s): Lou Philipps, The artist

Editing: Lou Philipps
Photo credits: © Jan Sondergaard © Lou Philipps

© Martin Paaskesen
Layout and design: Joé Weissen
Print and Binding: Reka Print Luxembourg

Published by Valerius Gallery
© 2023 Valerius Gallery, Martin Paaskesen, the photographers and authors, Luxembourg and Denmark

Printed in Luxembourg

ISBN 978-2-9199545-8-2


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