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In Dust. Natacha Mankowski - The Milos Series

In Dust. Natacha Mankowski - The Milos Series


New catalog on Natacha Mankowski's Milos Series.


In Dust: the Milos Series

Natacha Mankowski

Published by Valerius Gallery


Part of the series ‘Process Books’
Soil is concrete: the Aidipsos series

isbn: 978-9-464442-15-1 #2 In dust: the Milos series isbn 978-2-9199545-9-9


The ‘Process Books’ series carries and reveals the various creative processes of Natacha Mankowski at work in her studio, following her different expeditions

and quests for materials and capture of landscapes.


Photography: Anna Kieblesz, Natacha Mankowski
Text: Juliette Lizotte
Copy editing : Georgie Sinclair

Interview: Lou Philipps

Proofreading: Lou Philipps, Natacha Mankowski

Design graphique: Frédérique Gagnon & Virginie Gauthier

Printing: PB Tisk (CZ)


Edition of 300


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