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Catalog. Philippe Lamesch 'Torn Up World'

Catalog. Philippe Lamesch 'Torn Up World'


This catalog is published on the occasion of the exhibition “Philippe Lamesch, Torn Up World” at Valerius Gallery, in January - February 2021.


The catalogue explains and visualizes the story behind his exhibition that combines printmaking with the technique of the collage. Since he couldn't travel during the pandemic he asked friends and artists from all over the world to collect torn poster pieces from the walls of their cities and send them to Luxembourg. An international collaboration emerged. 


Published by Valerius Gallery

Print and Binding: Reka Print Luxembourg

Texts and Editing: Lou Philipps

Layout and Design: Joé Weissen

Artist: Philippe Lamesch

Photo credits: ©Philippe Lamesch / ©Martine Pinnel

ISBN: 978-2-9199545-3-7

Pages: 80



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