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Catalogue. Eric Mangen - MONUMENTA X

Catalogue. Eric Mangen - MONUMENTA X


This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition Eric Mangen, MONUMENTA X at Pavillon du Centenaire- Arcelor Mittal, with Valerius Gallery, in October 2020.


In the catalogue:

1 MONUMENTA X - Exhibitions and Paintings

(& The Process of Painting)

2 MONUMENTALITY OF GESTURE - Text by Nathalie Becker

3 MONUMENTA X - Exhibition Set Up

4 ERIC MANGEN - Biography & Statement


Exhibition Catalogue of 112 Pages

Soft Cover

Dimensions: 21 x 26 cm (horizontal)

Published by Valerius Gallery

Texts by Nathalie Becker and Lou Philipps


Photo Credits ©Mike Zenari

and © Alessandro Macchini


Layout and Design: Joé Weissen

Print and Binding: Reka Print Luxembourg

ISBN 978-2-9199545-2-0






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