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25 May until 24 June 2023

In Dust, presents works from the Milos series, a new body of work by French artist Natacha Mankowski (1986). In this series, evanescent shades of titanium buff, off-white, pale pink, warm and violet gray, play with sulfuric tones of golden green and lemon yellow. Together those pale but acid nuances recall the rocky coast and volcanic past of Milos. The series brings forth works with different materials from the island - sulfur, obsidian, clay and ground minerals.

Mankowski’s work is characterized by the use of the impasto technique through which she moves her paintings into the realm of sculpture. She has developed a unique visual language dominated by thick matter. The artist produces her own oil-pastels with natural materials that she collects during travels and integrates into her compositions. The artist’s practice is very research-based and time-consuming and is dominated by the concepts of ecology, sustainability, and embodiment.




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