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MONIQUE BECKER | Naked in the Dark 

 15 November - 24 November 2019

at "Hesper Kierch"

Come experience the new series of works by luxembourgish artist Monique Becker, a selection of large scale works and spatially overlapping installations. The exhibition will take place in the newly refurbished church in Hesperange, embedding the paintings into a unique ambiente.Monique Becker is a luxembourgish artist, who lives and works in Luxembourg. 

Monique Becker’s work means the superposition of colors, the close contact with the canvas, the successive layers. The lines and structure of his works shall give a sense of strength and release emotions in the viewer. She lets experience and experiment with colour and layers and she observes her paintings to see the flow of different layers. The works evoke a sensual intensity and are charged with emotions that are deeply connected to herself.

The most difficult challenge for the artist is to be able to convey the sensitivity and emotions of existence in her paintings, and to challenge herself every day to achieve goals.
Teh artist brings forth a vibrant festival of colors and inflamed movements that captivate the viewer. She is expressing freedom and a joie de vivre by superimposing and the coexistence of paint layers and materials.


Exhibition views


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