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17 September to 24 October 2020
title by martin

Martin Paaskesen (b. 1987) is a Danish painter, born in Aarhus, Denmark. He lives and works in Copenhagen. Martin has studied acting at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. He discovered painting during his education and it took over.

His approach is very intuitive and impulsive as well as physical and tactile. He adopts a visual language that oscillates between abstraction and figuration, creating abstract forms on the one hand and figures - like animal, household, and nature motifs - on the other hand. He combines these with letters, words, and sentences that seem out of context, as well as with isolated color fields, which are part of his stylistic idiom. When put together these elements form a harmonious entity and evoke spontaneous lightness. Using the raw, ungrounded canvas, that he cuts to size the artist places a strong emphasis on the basis of his paintings, which is raw, wild, and unlimited.

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Works on show


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