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20 October - 26 November 2022

In his new solo show, Eric Mangen presents works from his latest series - that was started during the pandemic in March 2021 - taking reclaimed advertising posters as a starting point. Originally taken from the streets of Berlin, the thick layers of advertising posters are testimonies of time, telling stories out of a city’s personal diary. Mangen deliberately brings forth new compositions, elaborated by ripping off big pieces, and overpainting them. He generates a new body of abstract works, that is, as typical for the artist, each time an interplay of control and error.

There is a constant back and forth between past and present, both in the works and in time. What lies behind each of these layers? The viewer is stimulated by what he does not see, and must imagine instead. In this fast-moving time, where people look at images only for seconds, these works by Eric Mangen are meant to be viewed closely and consumed slowly.



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