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Luxembourg Art Week
11-14 November 2021

Luxembourg Art Week 2021

With works by:

Monique Becker

Jean-Marie Biwer

Henri Chapman 

Eric Mangen

Sali Muller 

Mike Okay

Martin Paaskesen

Julien Saudubray

IMG_7981 2_edited.jpg
Jean Marie Biwer
Monique Becker
Born 1958, lives and works in Luxembourg.
Monique’s works are dominated by dynamics and energetic hand movements as well as a high degree of spontaneity and usually include large-scale formats in black and earth tones. An inspiration to her professors, the Austrian painter Hermann Nitsch, as well as the German painter Markus Lüpertz can certainly be seen in her work. Her works evoke a sensual intensity and are charged with emotions. For Monique, color is understood as a substance, as spillable, sprayable, smearable matter. The artist brings forth a vibrant festival of colors and inflamed movements that captivate the viewer. She is expressing freedom and a joie de vivre by superimposing and the coexistence of paint layers and materials. During the painting process a close contact with the canvas is essential. 
Jean - Marie Biwer
Born 1957, lives and works in Luxembourg. 
Over the past four decades, Jean-Marie Biwer has developed a body of figurative work that reflects a sensitivity to the world around him: both in terms of his immediate environment – the Ardennes countryside in the north of Luxembourg – and in relation to society in general. His works address subjects that are well established in the traditions of painting including landscape, the body and still life. Yet they also question the role of painting within a world that is dense with images and information. Faced with the proliferation of screens and moving images and the acceleration of the pace of life, Biwer seeks to make paintings that hold the intensity of the present moment, creating a space for contemplation.
Text © Mudam Luxembourg
Henry Chapman 

Born 1987, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Born 1987, Brooklyn New York. Henry Chapman’s work has been described as “making a case for rigorous attentiveness to the interaction among forms.” The subject of solo- and two-person shows at Kate Werble Gallery, T293 Gallery, Labs Gallery in Bologna, and Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chapman has received support from the Philip Guston and Musa McKim Named Residency at Yaddo, the Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Prize, and the Hans G and Thordis W Burckhardt Foundation. He trained at The Cooper Union, where he was awarded Young Alumnus of the Year in 2013, and at Yale University, where he completed his MFA in 2015.

by Henry Chapman 

Eric Mangen
Born 1983, lives and works in Luxembourg.
The artist’s powerful, abstract and gestural approach to painting, which is very much about movement and energy and in close relation to action painting, generates a dynamic and rhythmic yet poetical and sculptural body of work. In the artist’s spontaneous approach there is always a fragile line between controlling the accident and the actual accident. His artworks are greatly influenced by external stimuli and his studio environment. This can be seen strongly in the series he produces abroad. During his travels and residencies, these stimuli permeate his work, such as the power of the Australian sun, which is reflected in vivid and powerful colours in his works, the unrestrained life energy of the New York streets leaves an unrestrained flow of work in him and series of works are emerging where the artist reinvents himself continuously. 
Sali Muller 

Born 1981 in Luxembourg


Luxembourg-based conceptual artist Sali Muller dives into the world of self-image through materials that she uses to create a reflective multiverse. While exploring unordinary ways to show co-existence with human self-image and vanity, she brings a mystical vision into the physical world through her implementation of mirrors, light, sound, and found objects. A never changing element or recurrent pattern in her entire oeuvre is the use of mirrored surfaces, allowing her to open an associative space of thought. 
Mike Okay
Born 1981, lives and works in Halle and Berlin 
Mike grew up during the 1980s in the GDR, in a planned city called Halle-Neustadt. His image of this part of town, in which he has spent his whole childhood, is shaped by countless concrete blocks, blooming flower beds, full clotheslines and colourful playgrounds and many childhood memories. He is fascinated by childrens drawings, the untrained hand, the imperfections in the presentation, mistakes. Seriousness, correctness and perfectionism contradict a modern conception of childhood and are less interesting for Mike Okay. He wants his works to be rough and unpolished. Geometric shapes, abstracted animals, balls of wool, matchbox cars and toys are recurring motifs, which form in a very bold, carefree and informal way to a curious miniature world.
Martin Paaskesen 
Born 1987, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark 
Martin Paaskesen (*1987) is the son of a nurse and an engineer. Moved to Copenhagen in 2009 to become an actor, was admitted to a highly recognized acting school (The Danish National School of Performing Arts) , but discovered painting during his education and it took over. Today Martin is working with several galleries. In his practice Martin is exploring the expressionistic and narrative painting. His approach is very intuitive and impulsive and originates from an urge to explore an imagery that balances between figuration and abstraction. The figuration is always present in his works but the abstraction (shapes, lines, surfaces) is just as important. Everything is connected and overlaps. Martin's process is very physical and tactile. He is present in the painting litteraly. This presence might have originigated due to his background as an actor where he used his body as a tool of expression. 


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