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Little Paintings in the Christmas Tree - 2nd Edition! 

Valerius Art Gallery presents its second edition of  Little Paintings in the Christmas tree, a St. Petersbourg Hanging on the fishmarket ! 

Artists: Bram Bogart, Raymond Hains, Corneille, Roland Quetsch, Arman, Andy Warhol, Günther Förg, François Dufrêne, Eric Mangen, Marc Pierrard, Bengt Lindström, Roger Wagner, Claude Viallat, Michel Geimer, Michele Bagnod, Monique Becker,  Sadie Laska, Zao Wou-Ki,  Jeff Keiser, Steven Cohen, Nina Baldo, Max Dauphin, Sergio Sardelli, Moritz Ney, Stéphanie Uhres… and many many more! 


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