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From 3rd June until 4th July 2020

Lisa Rukavina’s colourful and abstract collages consist of various cut out paper pieces, prints of different fabrics and textile materials that are extracted from fashion magazines. Colour plays a major role in her compositions. It serves as a guideline, allowing contrasts, depth and a merging of colour shades. Her compositions pull the observer into the depths of the arranged layers of fabric. The exhibition « Cut it, Flip it, Paste it » is Lisa’s first solo exhibition.


Lisa Rukavina (b. 1990) is an architect and collage artist from Luxembourg. She graduated from the Technical University of Vienna and the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris.


During her studies, Lisa naturally discovered a passion for the art of collage. Equipped with a pair of scissors, she’s probing the pages of fashion magazines in search of seductive colors, shapes and textures. The desire to give a second life to this single-reading press is a personal ambition to reduce - if only a little - the impact of what she considers to be a waste of paper. 


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