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From 3rd until 31st December 2022

Following his first exhibition at Valerius Gallery in January 2021, Philippe Lamesch presents his latest works in his upcoming solo show. The exhibition Drop the mic is a continuation of his Torn Up World series. In his compositions, the artist combines hand-pulled monotypes with found posters that he collects in cities to which he travels. During the pandemic, however, he asked friends from all over the world to collect poster fragments for him. In his newest works, the artist presents works inspired by cities, namely Athens, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Naples, New York, etc.

Philippe Lamesch (b. 1977) is a printmaker and collage artist from Luxembourg. Trained as a traditional printmaker at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, he has reinvented the use of classical printmaking techniques to create printed collages.



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