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11 January until 17 February 2024

The exhibition ‘Need for speed’ presents a new series of works by Brussels-based artist Ethel Coppieters (*1996, BE), focusing on dynamic scenes of women in motion. Ethel studied Fine Art at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels. Her work draws its inspiration and material from the very heart of her close relationships. Inspired by the women around her, the figures that she creates are nourished by classic feminine references with highly contemporary narrative elements. Her friends are her muses, monumental women linked and united by a vibrant synergy. Whether transient or victorious, dancing or running somewhere, they are isolated by the starkly colored background, anchored in the here and now. Through these portraits of women with deconstructed body proportions, freed from the mandates of beauty we know, the artist recreates dreamlike scenes to speak about the intimate and the universal.The characters of Ethel Coppieters' life are portrayed here as glorious women, bearing witness to unfailing sisterhood and joy, so much joy.


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