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17 October - 14 November 2020

Pavillon du Centenaire / Arcelor-Mittal (Galerie Schlassgoart)

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg  (Bd. Grande Duchesse Charlotte)



Eric Mangen. Large format, energetic, colorful. The new solo exhibition « MONUMENTA X » takes it to a new level. The artist creates a series of paintings that are not only large but over-dimensional; that are not only gestural but loaded with power. The oversized that we know from his large murals is now transferred to huge canvases. With complete body-effort, the artist sprays and pours paint on his canvases, using fire extinguishers for the most part. He covers them with details, characteristic brushstrokes, oilstick elements, with which he likes to accentuate his canvases. He uses huge brushes, his hands, but also self-made tools to cover bigger areas with paint. The result are monumental paintings, like the frescos in the cathedrals of Italy. Breathtaking; the viewer should allow the works to catch his attention from a distance and lose himself in the details the closer he gets. 

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