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at Ernst & Young Luxembourg

27 February 2020 - 02 May 2020

The exhibition « Blue Flamingo » dedicated to the Luxembourgish artist Eric Mangen presents a series of works that were created both during an artist's residency in Melbourne, Australia, and in his new studio, which he opened at the beginning of 2019 at the Boufferterhaff Equestrian Centre. These particular works have never been exhibited before. After his trip to the United States and the exhibition 'The American Paintings', Eric Mangen returned, full of energy and new inspiration. The artist went to Australia for three weeks, in residence in Melbourne, and was able to devote himself to painting, working day and night. At the heart of these works: energy, movement and colour. When he returned to Luxembourg, the project of his new studio allowed him to find a new pictorial impulse. The brightness and strength of the Australian colours, the warmth of the austral summer, and on his return, the calm of his studio, had a considerable effect on his style.

The exhibition is open upon appointment only! 

Feel free to book an appointment to visit the exhibition here.

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