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Donde caen las sombras, la luz vuela

From 16 September until 14 October 2023


‘Donde caen las sombras, la luz vuela’ presents the newest series of works by Barcelona-based artist Cesc Abad (1973), which comprises paintings and ceramics. The relationship between man and nature plays an essential role in the artist's work. The topic enables him to raise ecological questions where the viewer should reflect his impact on the planet. With the depiction of intertwined figures in an abstract and unique way, the artist addresses issues such as sex, love, war, passion, trust and envy.

The artist incorporates attributes into his works, which keep recurring, such as the lollipop, the matchsticks on fire, the bird in a glass bulb, the candle, the ants, the flowers. These attributes These attributes indicate different issues that the artist wants to address.

In his works the artist portrays humanity’s quest for meaning. In paintings such as ‘Monica and Cow’ or ‘Crazy Love’ the sofa represents a place for human reflections in search for truth. These reflections also get visualized by the contrast of lights and shadows, serving as accessories for the figures in the scenes.

Taking reference in the works of old masters, notably Manet’s « ‘Déjeuner sur l’herbe », and his « Olympia » Cesc presents his own contemporary take on old classics, changing the story line slighty. In the work « Snack » Cesc takes the liberty to set nature on fire to point out the interventions of humans in nature that contribute to the gradual destruction of planet Earth and climate change.

In the Renaissance, Flamish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder often depicted birds in a bird cage as a symbol of potential dangers. Cesc depicts the bird as a classical attribute for freedom but also the link between humans and nature, the sky and earth. But in most of his works the bird is trapped in a glass bulb. This links again to the captivity of nature through human activities.

The artist sees importance in imperfection, which is apparent in his painting style: surfaces remain unpainted, preliminary drawings remain visible underneath or on top of the layers of oilpaint.

Cesc Abad has had recent solo shows at Mayoral Gallery in Paris, Yes Dot Baby in Essen, Simchowitz Gallery in Los Angeles, Caelis Gallery in Shanghai and the Curator’s Room in Amsterdam.


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