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Søren Behncke, Johanna Dumet, Manuel Wroblewski
17 September - 15 October

The exhibition AKVAVIT presents new works by French artist Johanna Dumet (*1991), Danish artist Søren Behncke (*1967) and German artist Manuel Wroblewsi (*1975) inspired by water and life.

The show takes its title from Aquavit, a strong distilled spirit whose word is ethymologically derived from the latin ‘aqua vitae’ - water of life. Akvavit was elaborated in the Middle Ages by alchemists, hoping to create an elixir for a long life, hence an eau de vie.

Eau de vie links to the theme of water. Water is life and we can’t live without it. It is everything and (almost) everywhere. For the group show AKVAVIT, water became the starting point for the three artists, who each created a new body of work around that theme. Johanna Dumet and Manuel Wroblewski are based in Berlin and Søren Behncke in Copenhagen, so just one sea lies between them. They decided to bring that sea to Luxembourg, not only bringing forth sea creatures, but also strong liquor.

Photos © Tom Jungbluth

Johanna Dumet and Manuel Wroblewski captured by
© La Marzocco Deutschland & Friends of Friends


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