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Soumisha Dauthel (b. 1960) in Saint-Raphaël, France, lives and works in Paris, France. 

"Soumisha Dauthel began painting in the 1990s. Her early work was strongly marked by the lessons of Supports / Surfaces. In spite of remarkable successes, she quickly realized that to continue in this way bridle her creativity and led inevitably in a dead end. It has, however, continued to endorse the statement of the movement's founders: "The object of painting is painting itself, and the paintings on display relate only to themselves. With her, as with her elders, we see again and again the equal importance accorded to the materials, to the gestures of the artist and to the resulting work, the search for a subject, whether universal or anecdotal. , being relegated to the background.


Nothing predestined this artist, born of a father of Saudi origin and a Russian mother, to engage in the adventure of a form of pictorial asceticism in which the narrative dimension was deliberately obscured. Torn between the prohibition of the human representation of Islamic culture and the adoration of the icons of the Russian tradition, Soumisha Dauthel opted for a third way, that of exuberance. Its generous abundance is evident in the profusion of colors but also and especially in a permanent search for new techniques and pictorial processes, as if it applied to exhaust the infinite possibilities to reach the extreme borders of the territories of the painting. In what can only be called an image factory, she paints, cuts, glues, assembles, engraves, replicates, shifts, draws, digitizes, adapts photographic shots, prints on stickers ... And well other things ..."

(Translated from french text by Louis Doucet for MacParis, automn 2018)