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23 March-22 April 2023

In L'entrain du Marseillais, Brussels-based artist Julien Saudubray (1985) present his new body of work from his series "Growing" in his second exhibition with Valerius Gallery. 

The artist explores the classical subject of flowers taking inspiration in Van Gogh's sunflowers.The solar forms that thrive on light, are evident in Saudubray's new series. The title of the exhibition, taken from a letter by Van Gogh, refers to a certain simplicity regarding the enthusiasm of painting. Th almost mystical approach to nature converges both artists. 

The reflection around color and light is and remains the driving force behind Saudubray's work. Through the process of painting, dissolving and repainting, transparency allows the work to set itself free from the image and cultivate a relationship with temporality. 



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