Eric Mangen (b. 1983) is a Luxembourg-based abstract artist. He lives and works in Luxembourg.


His approach towards abstraction is deeply rooted in graffiti to which he became drawn in the late 1990s. In 2006 he moved to Barcelona still following the path of graffti but slowly realizing he wanted to devote himself entirely to painting, heading towards a more abstract way of expression but incorporating few figurative elements. In 2013, back in his hometown Luxembourg came the decision to become an independant artist focusing exclusively on his art which comprises painting but also giant projects of murals. Through his recent gallery representation in 2017 by Valerius art gallery in Luxembourg came several solo and group exhibitions and his new 2017 studio allowed him to establish a daily work routine. The new rhythm caused his work to progress in great leaps. He also took on major projects in the US, namely in Greensboro and New York, in Bosnia, Barcelona, Luxembourg, France, Belgium but also in Melbourne where he was selected for a three-week artist residency. 

The completion of an artistic work process and the subsequent separation from the individual work are like a release, both for the artist and for the canvas. Eric Mangen’s materials are his sparring partners: the composition of the motif is followed by its destruction, reduction or redesign. The artist and the motif view each other as equal partners who have set themselves tasks. And each time it’s a test of bravery how soon you can let the other go? 


The artist’s powerful, abstract and gestural approach to painting, which is very much about movement and energy and in close relation to action painting, generates a dynamic and rhytmic yet poetical and sculptural body of work. There’s a constant conflict between controllable tools like spray cans or brushes and uncontrollable tools like his fire extinguisher, extra large spray cans and solvants. In the artist’s spontaneous approach there is always a fragile line between controlling the accident and the actual accident.