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Bengt Lindström (Swedish, 1925–2008) was a Contemporary artist known for his outdoor sculptures and murals, as well as his paintings, noted for their distinct color palette and distorted figures. Born in Storsjö kapell, Härjedalen, Sweden, Lindström moved to Stockholm in 1944 to attend the Isaac Grünewald Art School. He then attended the Copenhagen Fine Arts School in Denmark, where he studied under Aksel Jörgensen, and, later, the Art Institute of Chicago 

In 1947, the artist moved to Paris, where he worked mainly in lithography and engraving, and trained with Fernand Léger and André Lhote. He later moved to Savigny-sur-Orge, and began creating figurative art, experimenting with masks, gods, and monsters. His early works were executed in a distinctly Cubist style, and evolved into colorful and spontaneous paintings that were loosely associated with the COBRA group. 

He continued to achieve success in the 1950s, with his first solo exhibition in Sweden in 1954, and a highly acclaimed show in Paris in 1958. 

Beginning in the late 1960s and into the 1970s, Lindström created a number of murals and sculptures, including a large-scale work for the Grand Hotel in Härnösand, Sweden, and frescos for the Nacksta-Sundsvall covered market, also in Sweden. His most well-known work is the Y-sculpture at Midlanda Airport north of Sundsvall. 

The artist died in Sweden.

Bengt Lindström
Untitled, 1970s
Oil on canvas
161 x 130 cm
Bengt Lindström,
Oil on canvas
47 x 38 cm
Bengt Lindström
Untitled, 1960s 


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