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Art Rotterdam
31 January - 4 February 2024


Eric Mangen (*1983, LU) lives and works in Luxembourg.

At Art Rotterdam we are bringing forth an all-engaging space and create a room where the viewer can fully dive into. With the walls and floor completely wrapped in canvas, the same canvas the artist uses to paint on, the booth creates a soft atmosphere that draws the visitors in. Eric Mangen has painted an ensemble of big canvas works that overlap each other while including two works that are popping out three-dimensionally from the background. The installation 650 x 300 cm ‘Sacred monsters’ forms the main focal point of the booth, and adequately demonstrates Eric Mangen’s big gestural talent as well as his skill in combining colors.

The artist is led by energy and a deep passion for colours and bold brush strokes. His powerful, abstract and gestural approach to painting, which is very much about movement and energy and in close relation to action painting, generates a dynamic and rhytmic yet poetical and sculptural body of work.


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